Dried Brewers Yeast


We are pleased to offer Dried Brewer’s Yeast of Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain.

Due to the application of spray-drying process our yeast is rich in highly digestible proteins, amino acids, microelements as well as vitamins which are seriously diminished by traditional drum-drying technologies.

Yeast produced by our company is a loose powder of color from cream to beige.

Our Product is available in 25kg Paper Bags / Big Bags


Being an important source of valuable nutrients, yeast contributes to the increase in consumption and better digestibility of feed, stabilization of acid management in intestines and stomach as well as to the reduction of digestion disturbances. Apart from that, using dry yeast in compound feed production fosters the fertility growth and stability of the general health condition

Thanks to its dietetic and probiotic properties as well as to the presence of high quality, easily available proteins, natural vitamins (mainly of group B) and amino acids necessary for the animals to grow (lysine, methionine, threonine, cystine, tryptophan), dried brewer’s yeast is one of the most valuable natural products used in animal feeding. Should you wish to learn more please have a look at full declaration of quality of our yeast.
Moreover, due to its high quality our product is well recognized in
“Food, Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industry”


ParameterUnitContent FEED YEAST
General protein %above 43 Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain
Moisture %7,0 ± 1,0Production methodAtomization
Raw fat %max 0,5FormLoose dust
Raw ash %avg.6-7; max 8ColourFrom cream to beige
Raw fibre %max 1,5Packages25kg HDPE/PP bags with liners
Vitamin Bmg/kg15,10Jumbo bags 500/1000 kg
Vitamin Aunit/kg14 000
Vitamin Emg/kg9,50
Ash not soluble in HClg/kg3,2
Calcium Cag/kg3,20
Sodium Namg/kg232
Phosphorus Pg/kg11,50
Potassium Kg/kg17,00
Iron Femg/kg69,70
Copper Cumg/kg1,48
Magnesium Mgmg/kg1,94
Manganese Mnmg/kg4,68
Zink Znmg/kg64,00
Selenium Semg/kg0,15
Fluorine Fmg/kg10,90
Glutamic acidg/kg56,00
Aspartic acidg/kg40,10

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